Use the Wordpads to involve everyone at once

A drawing showing a Wordpad7 tablet being used by a student to play the Joypad Answer game

The Wordpad7 tablets and Wordpad2 clickers can be used to track pupil progress, facilitate discussion or play fast-paced learning games. Students of all personalities and abilities are able to engage, not just the usual suspects. You can access a range of classroom activities not available with the software alone.

Create a teaching resource in less than a minute

1. Pick a template

The first step is to pick your activity template.   This is a screenshot of step 1: 'Pick a template'.

2. Enter your content

The next step is to customise the template with your content.  This is a screenshot of step 2: 'Enter your content'.

3. Choose a game

Choose your graphical theme and the rules of the game and then you are ready to play.  This ia a screenshot of step 3: 'Choose your game'.

Wordwall allows a teacher to enter just a few words and with a couple of clicks, make a resource that would have been impossible with traditional presentation software. Wordwall supports a range of teaching stategies and doesn't railroad you into one way of doing things.

Access tens of thousands of ready-made lesson activities

Wordwall users can share their creations with ease. The community has made tens of thousands of bite-sized activities in Maths, English, Science and many other subjects. Each of these can be downloaded and customised without restriction.