Teaching resources

There are thousands of activities for the classroom available in our shared area. All users of the software can upload and download resources with ease.

Each activity is made with one of our templates. Picking your template is the first step in making a Wordwall activity.

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Read about the templates

Bar graph | Brainstorm | Category brainstorm | Circle time | Connecting tiles | Conveyor belt | Crossword | Flip tiles | Group sort | Image reveal | Labelled diagram | Match up | Matching pairs | Maths tiles | Moveable tiles | News feed | Numbered tiles | Quiz | Random wheel | Rank order | Rating scale | Seating plan | Sentence maker | Simple tiles | Sketch tiles | Spider diagram | Stacked tiles | Tally table | Tiles in a row | Twitter feed | Word maker | Wordsearch

Watch videos of the activities in action


Solve a Crossword made up of different types of metal.


Collecting suggestions on the river puzzle with Brainstorm.

Image reveal

Hide a photo behind names of shapes with Image reveal.

Random wheel

Making a game of chance using the Random wheel.

Group sort

Using Group sort to classify into animal, vegetable and mineral.

Connecting tiles

Create a food chain with Connecting tiles.

Flip tiles

Matching up countries with their flags using Flip tiles.

Simple cards

Simple cards with a custom deck of famous people.


Evaluate the availability of services with Opinion.

Word maker

Rearranging an anagram with Word maker.

How do I play these on my computer?

To play these teaching resources with your class, or to create your own activities, you need to install Wordwall on your computer.