Visual simulations

The visual simulations website was created in 2005 by a programmer now working at our company. This website is now offline, but is now hosting the files so that teachers can continue to access them.

Please note that development is now closed on this software, so we cannot offer to improve or update them.

All of the software below is free. No registration is required and the software does not contain adverts.

AtomScope 2

AtomScope is a particle simulation program for teaching at KS3 and KS4. It features a collection of simulations which each reflect a key idea in the science of atoms and molecules.

In version 2, the number of simulations has been nearly doubled to 28. It also has an improved navigation and information system, supporting worksheets and a new interactive system for following and labelling particles on the screen.

AtomScope can be used in at least 9 different KS3 topics (QCA) and is similarly useful for the new KS4 syllabuses.

'Absolutely incredible software... I am a consultant and am advocating your site to every teacher I meet!' - Nick Hackett, Science Consultant

Download AtomScope 2


RadiationLab is an interactive simulation of a radioactivity experiment. It is suitable for use at KS4 and above. It can be used for either teacher demonstration or student investigations, for teaching both radiation physics and data analysis.

RadiationLab was originally designed for use as a university level teaching aid and thus the model it contains is very detailed, taking into account a large number of variables. The results it produces have also been verified by experiment to be highly realistic.

Download RadiationLab


ElectroBall is an electric circuit simulation program for teaching at KS3 and KS4. It features a variety of simple circuits and shows movement of electrons around a circuit.

Version 1.1 now gives two alternatives for visualising the electron energy.

Disclaimer: We receive occassional emails pointing out how ElectroBall is wrong. Such emails invariably go on to suggest a superior way of teaching electricity.

We've taken the advice of experts in producing this software and listened to feedback from dozens of classroom teachers. ElectroBall is an effective tool for teaching, but like all models, it should never be taken too literally.

We suggest using ElectroBall alongside other models. In doing so you can teach students how no model can ever show the true nature of reality. Its a learning objective that is equally important to understanding how circuits work.

Download ElectroBall


AudioBoard is an audio range oscilloscope specifically designed for use with an interactive whiteboard or data projector.

It has bold graphics with a simple interface making it considerably easier than demonstrating sound waves than with a traditional CRO.

Pure tones can be visualised with an in-built signal generator. Alternatively you can use the microphone as an input or play a sound file in the background with media player.

Note: AudioBoard is known to report the error 'Unable to set recording WAVEOUT device' on a few systems. If you are unlucky enough to be affected by this, we apologise, but regret that we will not be able to fix this issue.

Download AudioBoard


An interactive whiteboard game inspired by the TV series. This version deliberately does not include questions to allow for full flexibility. Letter layouts can be edited and saved.

Download BlockBusters


An interactive whiteboard game inspired by the children's board game.

Download Connect 4

IWB Clock

A digital clock designed for use with an interactive whiteboard. It reads the time by default, but can be easily switched to count down or count up.

Download IWB Clock