Mobile setup



The address displays the URL or IP of the Wordwall application. This is an address that any mobile device can visit by entering into the top bar of a web-browser.

If the address begins "" then it is globally accessible address. It can be visited by any device with an internet connection.

If the address is a numeric address e.g. "" then it is an address only accessible by devices on your local network.

Note that if you are joining by running the Wordwall app on a Wordpad tablet then the device will automatically detected the local network address.

Hosting options

The hosting options button allows you the scope of the mobile game, i.e. whether it is a globally accessible game or a locally accessible one.

Find out more about 'Hosting options'

Troubleshooting mobile

Login method


This is the default. In this mode handsets are represented by numbers alone. The order of numbering reflects the order in which handsets were switched on.

Text entry

In this mode the student may enter a forename and surname combination into their own handset. It's a simple system with no verification.

Pick from list

In this mode the teacher must first paste a list of names into the 'List to pick names from' tab. The students will then be presented with a search box. They must type their name or part of their name into this box. They are then presented with one or more names to select from.

Registered players

This display gives you a list of every mobile device that is connected to the system. It also displays the device ID number and the name of student.

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