Getting started with mobile

Mobile devices are supported in Wordwall using either our own Wordpad7s or with any HTML5 compatible device using RespondAnywhere.

Making a mobile activity is akin to making a normal one as described in the getting started tutorial.

You'll go through the same stages step-by-step, but this time, there's an extra stage 'Mobile setup'.

1. Pick a template

You'll start by picking a template that has a game that requires mobile devices. To quickly find out which these are, change the filter settings from 'All' to 'Mobile'.

The following templates have one or more mobile games:-

Brainstorm | Category brainstorm | Flip tiles | Group sort |Match up | Maths tiles | Quiz | Rank order | Rating scale | Simple tiles

Find out more about the templates here

2. Enter your content

The content stage works in exactly the same way as without mobile devices. Note that some templates, such as Brainstorm will skip this stage.

Find out more about the 'Enter your content' stage

3. Choose the game

Most templates have a mixture of mobile and non-mobile games. Pick one of the games that starts with the word "Mobile ..."

Find out more about the 'Choose the game' stage

4. Mobile setup

The purpose of this screen is to decide how the mobile users will register themselves. First time you do this, we recommend you just run with the default settings by just pressing 'Play'.

Find out more about the 'Mobile setup' stage

Find out more about the 'Hosting options'

Troubleshooting mobile

5. Play

As with non-mobile games, you enter a full screen play mode when you press 'Play'. The controls are the same: a combination of gestures and the play menu.

6. Review

Following a mobile game you'll almost always find that the 'Results' section of this screen is filled in. This gives you data on the contributions that each student made. From here you can export the data into other software such as Excel.

Find out more about the 'Review' stage

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