Hosting options

When running a mobile game Wordwall must setup a server which hosts the game. There are two possibilities; the server may be located at our data-center ( or it may be located on the teacher's PC.

The hosting options dialog box allows you to pick between these scenarios.


In this mode it is the teacher's PC that hosts the game. This method has the advantage of being very fast and it doesn't require an internet connection. It's disadvantage is that only those devices on your local subnet will be able to join.

If you PC has multiple network connections, these will be listed under "Local network adapter". Whilst devices can join via any of these networks, only the network you have selected will be displayed on screen.

By default a local game accepts communication on HTTP port 80 and port 26057. Note that the Wordwall app (as found on a Wordpad tablet) relies on port 26057 alone. On a standalone PC, Windows will offer you the option to enable communication first time you reach this screen. However ask your network administrator to ensure the appropriate ports are enabled on your network, as they may be closed by default.

Local is the default mode.


In this mode it our data-centre ( that hosts the game. This method has the advantage of being globally accessible. It's disadvantage is that it can be slower than a local game. It relies on a good internet connection and therefore can lack responsiveness if your connection is poor.

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