Rank order

The Rank order template creates an activity in which a series of items is to be placed in a correct order.

Making the template

Enter the content as a single list of items. Note that the rank is displayed at the left of the item.

Playing a game


In this game the items being in the left hand side 'unsorted' area. The object of the exercise is to move them into their correct positions on the right.

The in-game menu gives additional commands to restart the game, which will move all the tiles back to the start, and to reveal the correct answers, which will move them all to their correct place.


In the unscramble game, all of the tiles are already under the rank headings, but they have been placed randomly. The object of the exercise is to move the tiles into their correct positions. Unlike the sort game, no indication of whether the placement is correct until you select 'reveal answers' from the in-game menu.


In the reveal game, the tiles are all placed in their correct position, but their faces are hidden. Swipe a tile to reveal it.

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