Random wheel

The Random wheel template gives the teacher control of a wheel that can be spun. The wheel is divided into segments. When you spin the wheel it will land at random on one of these segments.

Making the template

Enter your content into the boxes as a single list. Each item in the list represents a segment of the wheel.

The template options allow you to set it so that the segment positions are random and not in the strict order you entered the items. This order will then be different each time you play.

Playing a game

Just spin

In this game you spin the wheel by dragging it with the mouse. To make it spin, hold the mouse, quickly move it and then release. This works particularly well if you have a interactive whiteboard or large format touch screen.

The camera will zoom in as the wheel rotates and then out again when it comes to a stop. You can re-spin or intervene at any point.

Spin and Eliminate

This game is similar to the above, but adds the function to remove a segment by holding down on it.

You can undo the eliminations by selecting restore eliminated from the in-game menu.

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