Rating scale

The opinion template creates an activity where items are positioned along on a sliding scale. This scale can be numbered or it can be textual descriptions, e.g. very bad, bad, good, very good. This kind of scale is sometimes termed a Likert scale or rating scale.

Making the template

The content entry screen is divided into two areas.

The list of items should be placed in the left hand side area. These are the words or phrases that you wish the audience to assess.

The list of descriptors should be placed in the right hand side area. These are the labels for the scale, e.g. very bad, bad, good, very good. These can be quickly entered by selecting from one of the in-built options, or it can be fully customized by typing the list in by hand.

Playing the Game


In the assign game, your list of items will appear as tiles in an unsorted column on the side. You can drag these items across and position them under the scale. You can only place one item on any given row of the scale.


In the adjust game, all the items are already placed in the middle of the scale. The position of the items can be adjusted by dragging them.

Exclusive assign

This game is similar to assign, except that no two items can be assigned to the same descriptor, i.e. you can't give two items the same rating.

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