The Crossword template creates a word game in which words intersect with each other in a criss-cross pattern. A list of clues may optionally be given at the side.

Making the template

Pairs of answer and clue should be added at the content stage. Note that it is not possible to assign an image in the template. Also note that clues can be omitted if desired to create an exercise with just the words visible.

Note that the crossword will fail to create in circumstances where it isn't possible to construct one. Larger crosswords are rarely an issue, but be wary with very small crosswords that there are letters in common such that the exercise is possible to build.

Playing the Game

Reveal Words

In this game tapping on any letter in a word will reveal that word. If you tap on a letter shared by two intersecting words, both words will be revealed.

Reveal Letters

In this game tapping on any letter will only reveal that letter, the rest of the word will remain hidden until you individually select each of the letters.

Quick Reveal

In this game tapping on any letter will reveal a word, but only for a few seconds, after which it hides away again.

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