The wordsearch template creates activities in which a set of words are concealed with in a grid of random letters.

Making the template

Enter the words as a simple list of item. Each word corresponds to a row or column of tiles, where each tile is a letter.

Avoid very long words when building a word search as the size of the wordsearch has to be at least big enough to contain the longest word. More compact grids tend to work better in practice.

Playing the game

Reveal in place

In this game tapping on a letter that is part of a word will reveal the whole word. Tapping the a revealed word will hide it again.

The rule options contain an option to display the words to find. This will list all hidden words on the left hand side for the whole duration of the activity.

The in-game menu contains additional commands to restart the game or reveal all the answers.

Remove from board

In this game, tapping on a letter will also reveal the whole word, but the word will then move off the board to the right hand side. Tapping revealed word will hide it again.

This variation allows students to clearly read the words that have been found, allowing them to more focus more easily on the vocabulary in use.

Quick reveal

In this game, tapping on a letter will reveal a word, but that word will become hidden again after a few seconds.

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