Seating plan

The seating plan template allows the drawing up of a classroom layout plan. Each seat is represented as a tile holder, and each student is represented tile which can be moved into any one of these holders.

Making the Template

First you should draw your room. This is achieved by clicking in the large white panel on the left. You can adjust the size of the plan with the room size drop down in the top right.

Click once to add a seat and again to remove it.

Next add your list of students. These go into the list on the right hand side. Note that its possible to paste in a list from another source (e.g. Excel or Word).

Playing the game


Tap a tile to zoom into it. Tap it again to zoom back out.

Use drag to move the students into their correct place.

The in-game menu contains a command to shuffle, which will rearrange the seats at random. In also contains commands to random spin and random roam which are particular useful in this template.

Note that when the game ends, you'll be given an option to save the positions you've arranged.

Points tally

In this game, each student is assigned a point score. They all start on zero.

Swiping a tile to the left decreases their score by a point. Swiping it to the right, increases their score.

Lives tally

This game is similar to points tally except that they start on a certain number of lives (3 by default, but this can be set in the rule options).

If a student is reduced to zero lives, their tile fades out.

Hide and eliminate

In this game swiping a tile flips it over to obscure it. Holding down on a tile causes it to disappear from play.

The in-game menu contains the additional command to restore the eliminated tiles.

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