Frequently asked questions

Installation and registration FAQs

What URLs and ports does Wordwall rely upon?

If you are setting up firewall exceptions for Wordwall, here are the communication requirements.

It works fine on the user account I installed it with, but when I login to Windows as someone else, it doesn't start

There was a fault in versions older than 3.4.28. Please upgrade from our downloads page.

It doesn't recognize my key or invitation code?

Double check your spelling. Note that spaces, dashes and capitalization is ignored, so don't worry about those details.

If it still doesn't work contact us letting us know exactly what you are typing in as the key and where the key came from (i.e. which school is it registered to). We'll let you know where the mistake is or issue you a new one if need be.

I've forgotten my key or invitation code?

Contact us letting us know to whom the key is registered or where you originally got it from. We'll then reissue you a key.

I've automatically logged in as someone else, how do I log-out?

It's in the file menu at the bottom.

This situation occurs if you used the "remember me" option. If you are using a machine that is shared with others and you don't have separate Windows login accounts or you are using a guest account, then avoid using the "remember me" option.

The administrator wants a licence document before we can put it on the network

Look in the help menu and you'll find the command 'View Licence Document'. Note that this feature is available from version 3.2.21 onwards, so download the latest software if your version doesn't have it.

I'm having a problem installing Wordwall on a network

Installation on a network can introduce issues which don't occur on a standalone installation. Please see our network installations page and if that doesn't answer your question, contact us as we are always very happy to support administrators with this issue one-to-one.

Where can I get an installation CD?

We don't supply installation CD's as we find they encourage users to install out-of-date versions of the software. Instead, always visit out downloads page before making a new installation.

Can I use Wordwall at home?

Yes. Home use is included in all of our licencing agreements, including our free personal licence.

Why can't I hear the sound?

First of all, note that there is only sound during play mode, so first make sure you are in that mode when troubleshooting it.

If you get the error message 'XAudio2 sound system error' don't fear, as this issue was fixed in Wordwall 3.3 and above. So it you have an older version then go to our downloads page to update.

If you do not see this error message, the most common problem is that the volume is muted or the sound is being outputted through a channel which does not have speakers attached. Microsoft offers a tutorial to fix common problems with sound output.

Is there a Mac version?

Wordwall 3 is currently only available for Windows. If you want to run on a Mac you can use products such as Parallels or Boot camp.

Wordwall basics FAQs

There's a red squiggly-line under my text, what is that?

That's the in-built spell-checker. Don't worry though, it won't appear when you're in the play mode.

How do I set a time limit on my activity?

Almost all of the games allow you to set a timer. Usually there are three modes: off, count-down and count-up. This option can be found in the 'Otions' which are at the bottom left of the 'Choose the game' stage.

Can I use the resources I created in Wordwall 1 or 2 with Wordwall 3?

The majority of activities can be successfully imported, but not every feature in Wordwall 2 is now supported, so some won't work. For more information about upgrading issues see upgrading from Wordwall 1 or 2

Community FAQs

I just want to keep my files private, how can I opt out of the sharing?

You can save files in the normal Windows way. Just look in the file menu for the familiar open, save, save as and close. When you save in this way, no one else can access it.

The sharing facility is something apart from this core functionality. You don't have to share you file if you don't want to, just say 'no' when the prompt to share first appears.

If you change your mind at a later point, just go to the file menu and select 'share with community'.

Can someone else on the community can edit my file?

If you upload a file, you are giving everyone else permission to download and edit that file as they see fit.

The original that you uploaded can't be overwritten, but others may upload variations on the file in their own name.

I shared something by mistake, how can I remove it?

Go to the community tab and in the top right panel, click 'activities I've uploaded'. Select the offending activity, then when it's resource page has opened, click 'remove activity' over on the right side.

The activity I uploaded has an error in it, how do I change it?

You repair the activity and then upload it a second time.

When you choose 'Share with community' on a resource you've already shared, it'll popup a series of options. You'll be given the choice to 'overwrite' or 'branch'. If you choose the former, the new version will completely replace the old. Use this if there are errors in it. If you choose the latter, a new activity page will be created, so only use this if you've made major changes and the two activities are quite different now.

Note that you can't 'overwrite' if the activity was originally uploaded by someone else.

If found a resource on the shared bank that looks good, but the title and description are really bad, how do I change it?

After you've found a resource, either on the community page or in a search result, you click on it to get to it's individual activity page. You'll notice there's a 'Edit details' button. You are strongly encouraged to use this to improve the information associated with any resource that has been uploaded by someone else.

Wordpad FAQs

Can I use the CleverClick 1 or Wordpad 1 handsets with Wordwall 3?

I'm afraid not. For more information on the issues involved when upgrading from earlier older hardware or software, please read upgrading from Wordwall 1 or 2.

One of my handset's screen is flickering, what's wrong?

The handset screens may flicker when the batteries are about to run out. There's usually about an hour or two left in it when it starts flickering, so you should be OK for the student to continue to use it for that lesson. Just change the batteries and it'll be fine.

I'm experiencing glitching behaviour with my handsets, sometimes they lock up or behave erratically

Early versions of the wordpad firmware were a bit problematic. We apologise for that. To fix the issue simply download the latest version. When the program starts, go to the help menu and select 'Wordpad Firmware Update'. Follow the on-screen instructions thereafter.

If you've still got issues contact us and we'll arrange a repair or replacement.

My batteries are flat already, I thought they were supposed to last for ages?

Good quality alkaline batteries should give up to 100 hours continuous use. That's about a year with moderate use. If you've had your wordpads for less than 6 months and they are flat already, contact us and we'll send you a free set of 64 AA's.

We also recommend updating your firmware (see above question), as a previous firmware version had a fault in this regard.

Note that we don't recommend rechargeable batteries as they are prone to power drain and can go flat even when the handsets haven't been in use.

How much are your delivery charges?

We charge £4.95 +VAT for orders under 1kg and £14.95 for orders over 1kg and up to 30kg.

We haven’t received our handsets, where are they?

Contact us and we’ll send you a tracking number. Our handsets are usually dispatched by UPS within 5 days of order.

Template FAQS

How many templates are there?

There are 10 in the core software and 23 more in the extension pack.

Can I build my own templates?

No, you can't add templates other than those already built into the software. You use the templates to design and customise your resources, but the templates themselves are a fixed aspect of the software. However most of the games have a variety of options (bottom-left of the 'Choose a game' stage) so that you can tinker with them somewhat.

Do you have plans to make more templates?

Absolutely. We plan continue to expand the extension pack adding a batch of new game, templates and themes into every major release we make; this will happen about 3 times a year.

If you've got any good suggestions don't hesitate to contact us.