Giving feedback

When you select a resource in the search box, before downloading, you'll be taken to the activity page for that resource. This gives information about it to help you decide if its something you want to download, but it also gives several opportunities to give feedback.

If its a resource you've already downloaded, you can access feedback in the review stage.

Edit details

Some resources will have a missing title, description, subject or age band tags - this is generally the case if they have been imported from the older Wordwall 1 or Wordwall 2, as these versions didn't require teachers to add this information unless they wanted to. Wordwall 3 makes adding these details compulsory.

If you find a useful looking resource that is missing this metadata, you are strongly encouraged to click on 'Edit details' and put things right. Correcting this information is very important as it means the resource is much more likely to be easily discovered in searches by others.


Liking is the easiest way to give feedback, just press the button and its done.

If you like a resource, the owner of the resource will hear about it in their news feed. Note that liking is anonymous though, and the owner won't know who has liked it.

Well liked resources will also rank better in searches.


Commenting allows you to give more detailed feedback. Examples of good comments might be suggesting alternative uses or how the activity might fit into the wider lesson.

Feel free though to use this feature to simply congratulate the author. There's nothing like a well done to spur someone on to make more fantastic resources in the same vein.

Note that unlike liking, commenting is not anonymous and you're name will appear along with the comment.

Remove this activity / Flag for removal

If you're the owner of the resource, you'll see a link on this page to remove it. Clicking on it means that it will no longer be available on the shared area.

If you're not the owner, you'll see a link 'flag for removal'. If you press this, it will temporarily remove the resource from view. A moderator will periodically examine all flagged resources. If it is deemed to meet our standards, we'll reinstate it and no one will be able to flag it thereafter. If it is not deemed to meet our standards, we'll permanently remove it.

Please use this feature only when a resource if of such poor quality it is unusable or if it contains offensive, libelous or otherwise illegal material. If it contains minor errors, please make a comment so that the author or a moderator can correct it.

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