Enter your content

The Enter your content stage looks different depending on which template you are using. Take a look at the activity's individual page for specific information.

Those elements common to more than one template are discussed here:

Input boxes

Input boxes are the way you'll enter your content here. It's similar to a entering text into a spreadsheet or other form.

The most simple input boxes are text only. But most input boxes also come with a thumbnail area on the left hand side which indicates it can accept an image too. To move an image into a box, either drag and drop, or copy and paste.

Boxes can be dragged to change their order. They can also be copied and pasted in the normal way.

To create a new box, use return or down cursor when you're on the bottom box. To delete a box, click the X button in the top right.


The most common way of getting an image though is using the 'Search' box. This is over on the left hand side. Use it to search the internet for images which can then be dragged into the box as you desire.

The last method is using import. This can be found in the tab over on the right hand side. This method is used when you have files on your computer you wish to insert. Use the 'open' button to find the files and then drag them into place.

The image editor

Clicking on an image thumbnail will bring up the image editor. This gives you the opportunity to view the image at size, and also allows you to make simple edits.


Click and drag on the image to select the area you wish to crop. A blue rectangle will appear. Now click 'Crop' and then 'Save changes' if you are happy with the result.

Flipping and Rotating

To flip or rotate, simply press the corresponding icon. You can press these buttons repeatedly to get the desired result if you wish. When happy, click 'Save changes'.


Remove will permanently remove the image from the tile. Note that its also possible to move an image from tile to tile by dragging.

Formatting text

There are three quick formatting options built into the text editor; bold, superscript and subscript. These are found on the toolbar just below the stage indicator. To apply the format, select the desired text and click the button.

Swap Columns

Some templates have items which consist of two columns. Such templates display the 'Swap Columns' button to the right of the formatting buttons. These allow you to easily switch these columns. For example, in the Crossword, if the clues and the answers were the wrong way around, you'd press this button.

Template options

Some templates have extra options. The tab will appear at the bottom of the input box area. Click it to expand the tab. You'll find explanations of these options on the individual template pages.


The sort options are found in the 'Edit' menu. These allow you to order the input boxes alphabetically, numerically or randomly.

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