Sharing your own activities

If you've made an activity you think other might find useful, there are three ways to share it.

  • when you save the resource you'll be asked if you want to share it
  • if you select 'Share with community' from the file menu
  • at the review stage, select the 'Share' tab

All three of these methods will have the same result. You'll be taken to the review stage and given an opportunity to add metadata for your resource.

Metadata is the title, description, subject and age-bands. It's really important if you want others to be able to easily find your resource. Please make this information as informative as possible and try to include key phrases that others would be looking for when they search.

It's also useful to write into the description some hints on how you think this resource would be best used. If it's obvious to you, please don't be afraid to point it out as the person reading it may be new to the software.

Note that its possible to select more than one subject or age-band. You are welcomed to do so, for example a teacher creating a resource on the rock cycle for their science lesson, would be encouraged to tick both science and geography.

When you're ready press 'Submit'. If you've missed out any details, you'll be prompted.

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