Teaching with conversions

The convert tool is one of the most powerful features of Wordwall. Find it either in the file menu or as on of the side tabs in the review stage. Read more about convert on the templates page.

Here are some teaching ideas that involve activity conversions.

Stress free starter

Take a match up activity which you are using to help students learn some difficult vocabulary. But rather than jump straight in, convert the resource to a wordsearch so that you have both versions open.

Put the wordsearch up on the screen first, perhaps even have it displayed as your students enter the class so they have something to get on with immediately.

Then once everyone has taken the seat and most people have found a few words in the wordsearch, switch to the more challenging match up activity.

Classroom wheel of fate

Use the seating plan to create a layout if ideal for guiding your students into their seats. But try converting the seating plan into a random wheel. You'll then have a roulette style wheel for picking a student out at random.

Maybe you'll make them answer a tricky question? Maybe you'll use it to do random checks on their homework? It's up to you, but using the wheel makes picking someone at random into an exciting event.

Nominal group technique

A simplified explanation of this technique is that it involves an opportunity to silently reflect, then a brainstorming session then a group evaluation of the ideas.

This can be achieved using the brainstorm template to collect ideas, then using convert to turn it into a rank order template.

The technique works particularly well using the Wordpads as the voting/ranking can be done seamlessly without the teacher needing to collect and sum up votes.

Read a more thorough description of this technique on it's wikipedia page.