Upgrading from Wordwall 1 or 2

What's new in Wordwall 3

Wordwall 3 is a radical change from previous versions. The user-interface has been completely redesigned. There's a new graphics and sound engine. The selection of templates has changed. Some less used features have been stripped out.

Why has it changed it so much?

We identified two big issues with the old version. First, the learning curve was too steep. And second, the sound and graphics were getting dated. Solving the first problem in particular required a big rethink.

Behind the scenes, we also wanted to create a piece of software that was much more future proof and extendable. You can expect the Wordwall universe to quickly grow over the coming months.

Issues with CleverClicks and Wordpads

Wordwall 3 only supports our most recent Wordpad 2 handsets (this handset is also branded as the CleverClick 3). If you've got the Wordpad 1, CleverClick 1 or CleverClick 2 handsets, you'll have to continue to use Wordwall 2.

Whilst we know this will disappoint some, in order to raise the bar in the new software, we realised we couldn't bring the old hardware with us. We're sorry about that.

Also be aware that Wordwall 3 comes with a firmware upgrade. This fixes a number of issues with handset performance. They are a lot more responsive and reliable now - regular users of the product will really appreciate the difference. But be warned, once you've upgraded your Wordpad 2 handsets, they will only work with the new Wordwall and Wordvote.

It is free to upgrade?

Yes, all existing customers of Wordwall 1 and 2 can upgrade for free to the core+ version of Wordwall 3. However we do charge to upgrade to the extension pack of Wordwall 3. See extension pack for more information on this.

Your existing licence key (it'll be 9 or 10 digits) should be accepted when installing the software. If you have any issues with authorization, don't hesitate to contact us

Importing old version files

Wordwall 3 will import the majority of Wordwall 1 and 2 files, but not all.

The way activities are structured in Wordwall 3 has changed. Gone are the rather cryptic select/mark/hide/peek tools and multi-layered tiles. In their place are tiles which behave in much more intuitive fashion. The unfortunate side effect of this is that we couldn't make it possible for all Wordwall 2 files to be supported.

I used to be able to do X, I can't find it in the new software

In terms of buttons and menu items, you'll notice there's a lot less in Wordwall 3. This is a very deliberate move to simplify the software and make it more usable.

To make the very best activity maker we could, we had to make the program more focused. It's no longer trying to replace PowerPoint, it's trying to complement it.

But if you really can't live without that old feature, contact us and we'll see what can be done.

Can I still use the old Wordwall?

It's not what we recommend, as we think you'd be missing out, but it's totally up to you.

The Wordwall 1 and 2 downloads are available on the downloads page. It's also easy enough to have two versions installed at the same time.

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Upgrading from Wordwall 1 or 2