Firewalls and proxy servers

Communication requirements

Wordwall requires an internet connection for a range of functions.

The specific URLs and ports it requires are listed for administrators under communication requirements.

If this communication is being blocked you will receive the connection errors popup.

If you receive this error and you can't work out the cause, please paste the detailed information into an email and send it to us.

Proxy servers

Wordwall will pick up default proxy server settings from Windows. These are the same settings used by web browsers such as IE and Chrome, so if you have correct settings in your browser, Wordwall will be able to pick these up.

It is also possible to override these settings as described in registry settings. The field you must set is 'Proxy_Address'. You can optionally set 'Proxy_Domain', 'Proxy_User' and 'Proxy_Password' as required.

Network authentication

Some networks enforce a network level authentication on traffic. Wordwall will pick up authentication details from the user account settings in the same way your browser does. Beware of any network policy you might have which is preventing this.


A source of failure can be when Windows Firewall is configured to block connections by default. In this scenario, it is essential to setup an exception to allow Wordwall to pass through the firewall.

By default the Wordwall installer sets up the necessary exceptions. However these settings can get overridden by other security software.

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Firewalls and proxy servers

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