Sentence maker

The Sentence maker template takes your text and splits it up into it's constituent words. These words can then be explored and manipulated.

The screen space is split into a series of rows for the easy construction of sentences.

Making the template

Type your text into the boxes. Press return to split to text into sentences. The rows as they appear in the content entry screen dictate how it will be initially laid out during the game.

In the options, you'll find the ability to change how many blank rows appear above and below the main content. By default its two above and two below.

Playing a game


Use drag to move the tiles around. You can drop a tile in-between words and those in place will shuffle out of the way to make space.

Tapping a tile will flip it over, hiding its text.

Tapping on the empty row space zooms into that row.

The in-game menu gives additional commands to hide and reveal all tiles at once.


The reveal game has the same controls as the viewer game, but all the text is hidden at the start of the game.

Teaching ideas

Alternative words

Use the sentence maker to display a poem or short piece of prose. Flip tiles to hide words and then ask the audience to suggest alternatives that the author could have used.

Build our own sentence

Place a selection of words onto the screen. Give the students two minutes and ask them to jot down the longest sentence they can.

This activity could be extended by designating that certain words gave extra credit (perhaps write them in CAPITALS). A student got a bonus if they used one of these words (correctly) in the sentence.

Unscramble the motto

Take a motto or definition the students need to know and mix up all the words. Then have them figure out what the sentence should be in a given time limit.

Once the time is up, nominate a student to come and restore the correct word order.

Pick and mix

Take a formulaic sentence in a foreign language, e.g. je joue au football. Then take each of the parts of the sentence and list the alternatives, i.e. je, tu, vous, nous for the first word.

Once you've got all the building blocks on screen, maybe 20-30 words in total, have students pick and mix the words on the screen to generate grammatically correct sentences.

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